Stidham's Rentals, Inc
Serving Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Sumter Counties

office (863) 537-2374
fax (863) 679-8771
toll-free (866) 784-3426

Our Commitment

  1. Our business is portable restrooms rental and service primarily for the construction industry.

  2. Our employees are highly trained and dedicated-

    • We offer exceptional pay and benefits to retain our employees

  3. Our service is second to none-

    • Service technicians log day and time of each service

    • Services are performed the same day every week. Exceptions are:

      1. Holidays

      2. Equipment failure
        (Service would not be delayed by more than one day for either of these).

      3. Re-routing from condensation or expansion

      4. Hurricanes

  4. We use modern service vehicles-

    • Service vehicles have high-pressure washers to clean better on the job site.

    • No lost time or expense carrying units back to the shop for cleaning.

    • Pressure washing is available EACH and EVERY stop on route.

  5. We have quality rental equipment

  6. We use detailed rental tracking and billing software-

    • Charges start the day the unit is set and stops the day it is canceled, regardless when removed.

    • Each job site has a unique number to avoid billing for something not there or double billing.

    • Each detailed invoice displays the beginning billing date and the ending billing date, the number of days charged and the rental rate.

    • Invoices are available one for each job site or a consolidated batch.

    • Each restroom has a unique number that our software only allows to be billed to one location.

    • We can print a list of all your units and where they are being charged to so you can audit what you are using.

  7. We give personal attention to your phone calls during office hours, and a recorder for AFTER hours, and all messages are returned if requested-

    • Every call is logged with a date and time stamp, who called and what the order was both during hours and after hours. We will return your call the next working morning if requested.

  8. We have a large service area-

    • Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Polk and Sumter Counties. And always expanding.

  9. Se habla espanol

  10. We offer next day delivery in most areas

  11. We can provide special service arrangements

  12. We never take your business for granted!